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Sheree & Sophisticated Soul

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Sheree & Sophiscated Soul  










Throughout grade school, Sheree has been involved with singing, modern dance, music and drama. She went on to college but did not study the fine arts. In June 2001, she graduated from Cal State LA obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Juvenile Delinquency. After graduation Sheree went back to music.

Sheree has many R&B, rap and jazz studio projects to her credit on which she sang lead and background vocals. She has worked with a host of other studio musicians . Sheree has worked as a vocalist for local LA bands as well as the famous female band Klymaxx, Tony Ozier, and Simfani Blu. She also works as a session vocalist. She works alongside her brother, Reggie, who is a musical director and writer. They currently head their own soul band Sophisticated Soul. Sheree’s influences are: Chaka Khan, Rahsaan Patterson, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Donnie and Lalah Hathaway.

Sophisticated Soul is dedicated to giving music lovers a genuine music experience •great soul music with live vocals and live instrumentation. There is nothing like real music played and sung by real people with real (meaningful) lyrics and doing it well. The Sophisticated Soul band members also have rich musical backgrounds. Singer Kia Haam is currently working on her album soon to be released. Singer Nicole Spivey is an actress, voice over artist and PR representative as well as vocalist. Bass Guitarist Eric Lewis is currently working for Sony Entertainment. DJ Smurf is a successful DJ in the greater LA area clubs. Keyboardist Jacob Rainey is a working session player and plays for local church organizations. Drummer Travon Potts is also a name worthy musician in the choir community as well as a highly respected studio musician.













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