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Marissa Ford

treble_clef_elegant_wallpaper_by_thebigdavec-d66r6ls 4under_constructionMarissa Ford is a Performing artist from Long Beach, California driven by her
passion for being on stage. Having family ties to Hollywood, with her uncle playing
“Tommy” on the hit 90’s show Martin, she was blessed to have opportunities to
perform at a young age. From the age of 7 she was modeling and booking jobs for
companies like Robinson’s May, Macy’s, and Barbie’s Mattel. It wasn’t until middle
school that Marissa discovered her love for singing, dancing, and being on stage. It
was then that she was introduced to her powerful, and at the same time, angelic voice.
She knew that she was called to fulfill a dream of being a performer.
Marissa attended Renaissance High School for the Arts where she studied her
passions in the form of singing dancing and acting. It was during these years that she
would become familiar with different music styles such as classical music in foreign
languages and musical theater. In 2003, Marissa was selected to Represent the city of
Long Beach in a National Classical singing competition in Washington DC where she
performed Ave Maria by Franz Schubert in Latin. Each of the four intense years spent
at Renaissance Marissa would audition and perform for every one of the bi-annual play
productions. She was selected to be a lead in six out of eight of these productions
playing roles like: “Aladdin’s” Jasmine, “West Side Story’s” Maria, and “Footloose’s”

After graduating from Renaissance High School as the Valedictorian of her
senior class with a 4.3GPA, Marissa continued her schooling at California State
University of Long Beach. In 2011, three and half years after starting, she graduated
with a Bachelors degree in English. After college was complete, she returned to her
love of recording and performing. For several years she honed her craft singing and
performing with different groups of girls until she formed a close bond with one other
girl and they created a duo. Finding themselves packing up and moving to Atlanta for
four months in hopes of catching a break, the duo landed a production deal with the hit
producer and writer Bryan M. Cox and JQue Smith.
Again Marissa spent time honing her recording, dancing, and performing skills
while working with seasoned music industry professionals. While Marissa was excited
to move forward in a positive direction with this new team, management and the other
member of the duo never quite saw eye to eye. Because of this, all parties agreed to
walk away from the situation. Currently Marissa is finally ready to create the music she
has always dreamed of. Blending her background in musical theater with her love for
R&B, Pop, and Dance music to create music that inspires, is fun to listen to and can
make you move your body. Like her ethnicity her music style is a combination of two
opposite worlds. Singing big songs that stand the test of time but still breaking down
the stage with her dancing and performing abilities, Marissa is a talent that has not yet
been seen by the world.

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