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Israela 1BIO:

Israela Claro is a woman who knows what she’s doing. Her talent, passion, and her story brings out the best in her music, and everyone lucky enough to be involved.


She was born in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. Raised in the church and the daughter of a pastor, music was part of her life from the start. Singing at 10 years old she idolized Christina Aguilera and found her own powerful and emotional voice. At age 15 Israela moved to northern California with her father, and honed her craft singing in churches all over the Bay Area.
After about five years Israela landed a record deal in Brazil, backed by an all girl band, and in her words, “We had so much fun playing around and making our music, but I felt like I needed to achieve bigger things, I had huge dreams… I wanted to sing for the entire world…so I decided to leave everything I had in Brazil.”


Israela packed her bags and headed back to California— Hollywood this time— to start from scratch. Leaving home was scary, but with a singular purpose and drive, things started to fall into place for this tenacious artist. Before long she connected with writers and producers, an1513676_899342296753818_983685396873240358_nd was back in the studio finally recording the kind of music she loves.
With a new single, “Lil Heartbreaker” and an album on the way, Israela is arriving. She didn’t come half way around the world so she could try— she came to do— to share the love, gift and power of her voice.
























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