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Dexter Smiles- Comedian


Dexter SmilesDexter Smiles was born in Shreveport, La. He spent the first 8 ½ years of his precious life in Shreveport. His parents were not together their relationship had ended by then. His mother wanted better for her children so she packs the family and moved to Los Angeles, Ca in 1973. When he landed in Los Angeles he then moved to Compton then Lynwood before settling in Urnge County (Orange County), Ca “bka The O.C.”. That’s where he exposed his comedic, sports and dancing talents. He quickly learns to cap, bag or better known as mama jokes where he reigned supreme. His entire family, friends and school faculty started spotting his comedic gift as early as 6th grade. If he played sports, danced or even worked he did it with a comedic flair. As a child he was always known as a talker who could bring laughter at the proper moments and sometimes at the improper times. But never the less he was always a crowd pleaser. As young as age 10 he could hold a crowd from as small as 4 or 5 people to as many as 75 plus kids to here him tell mama jokes against 3 to 5 other peers and come out the winner. As an athlete he excelled at football, basketball, track and field, believe it or not a little baseball also.


After attending Santa Ana Valley then Los Amigos High Schools, he then graduated from Fair Park High School in Shreveport, La. Dexter would impersonate his teachers, principals and coaches for his peers. He once got caught impersonating his freshman football coach and the coach made him run laps until his coach got tired. He then took his talents to Grambling State University to Major in Math until he found out he had to study. After 3 years of college he then left college with the intent of returning 1 day to graduate but never got around to it once the Comedy bug hit him. He then took himself on stage after practicing for about 4 months he then asked Donna Gooch if he could do a set at the Birdland West in Downtown Long Beach, Ca. He was well received his first night where he shared the stage with the likes of D.L. Hughley, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx and the ever hilarious T. K. Kirkland. He then started doing sets all over the LA and Hollywood comedy scene. Quickly growing into one of the hottest young stage performers on the circuit. After getting booked on BET Comic View, he quickly gained popularity in L A and surrounding areas. He began working on the road with the likes of Tommy Davison, Eric Benet, Sommore, Steve Harvey and R & B crooner Jaheim amongst other entertainers around the Nation. He has worked his way into one of the funniest talents in the USA. Rodney Perry would call him the best dressed, funniest unknown comedian in America. Dexter took it all in stride and kept pushing to evolve into one of the best Host/Mc’s around the comedy circuit.



When you see Dexter work the stage as he often stalks the stage with a giant smile ready

Dexter Smiles

Dexter Smiles

to dance at the drop of a beat. The world has seen Dexter perform for our troops in
Japan, Korea, Guam also Canada where he put audiences on their feet. Dexter has hosted or MC’d some of the largest events around the country. When Dexter hits the stage he will make the audience erupt into explosive laughter from the time he opens his mouth. His family calls him the mouth from the south. Dexter is one of the most versatile comedians on the circuit. He once opened for Sinbad and Mike Epps on the same night in two different cities. Dexter has hosted for the late great Ike Turner and his favorite singer Mr. Gerald Levert who loved to see Dexter impersonate Bernie Mac. When you see the comedian who looks like Bishop T D Jakes hit the Stage you will have to smile really big for him, because he still has to pick his mama up from work. He can’t be late because his mama will take his car out of her name. When you see Dexter Smiles work the stage you will remember him for his giant smile and his wonderful humor.  


 Be Prepared to laugh!

(Warning, Adult Content!) 



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